Reinstate Competitive Edge with Atlantic Hockey’s One-Game Suspension of Bentley Defenseman Lawn

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All Offense, No Mercy: Pat Lawn to Take an Unfortunate Timeout After Major Penalty Contact to the Head

Atlantic Hockey announced on Monday that Bentley defenseman Pat Lawn will have to take an unscheduled timeout, due to a one-game suspension that took effect for the Falcons’ coming game.

The cause of the suspension is due to Lawn’s major penalty and game misconduct, occurring 17:23 minutes into the second period of Bentley’s home game against Holy Cross. Upon review, Atlantic Hockey deemed the offense severe enough to warrant a suspension.

Lawn is set to miss the Bentley Falcons’ next upcoming game on November 21 against AIC. Fortunately for Lawn, he will be eligible to return for the team’s match-up three days later against UMass Lowell.

Pat Lawn’s unfortunate suspension will no doubt have a large impact on the Bentley Falcons’ upcoming games. Although Lawn will be allowed to return to the rink soon, the next few matches will be nothing but all offense, and no mercy.


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