“Mysterious ‘Circle’ Discovered in Australian Man’s Yard Overnight – Yahoo News Australia”

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When Dean Bain stepped outside his house one morning, he was left in shock after seeing a giant brown circle had appeared on his front lawn seemingly overnight. At first, the circle was nothing more than a thin line but it quickly grew in size every day. Occasionally, a very fine weblike structure was present on the circumference of the brown circle. Dean was desperate to find out the source of the odd discovery.

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The homeowner from Albion Park near Shellharbour, New South Wales couldn’t decipher the cause of the brown circle. He guessed that it might be due to some kind of grass mite, also known as spider mites that are found mostly in areas with low humidity and high heat in eastern Australia. These mites feed on the grass found in lawns, sucking its life and withering the plant in the process.

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Stefan Palm from Paul Munns Instant Lawn suggested that it could be a fungal issue called fairy ring rather than a spider mite issue. Fairy rings are uncommon but the fungus can cause significant damage to a lawn. Fortunately, it can be remedied by treating the lawn with a liquid wetting agent.

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Whether it’s a spider mite issue or a fairy ring contamination, lawn owners should take preventive measures regularly to avoid any further damage. Mowing regularly and furnishing the lawn with essential nutrients will help ensure the lawn remains healthy.

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Source: https://news.google.com/rss/articles/CBMiaGh0dHBzOi8vYXUubmV3cy55YWhvby5jb20vYXVzc2llLW1hbi1iYWZmbGVkLWFzLWdpYW50LWNpcmNsZS1hcHBlYXJzLWZyb250LWxhd24tb3Zlcm5pZ2h0LTA1NTgzNTQ0OC5odG1s0gFwaHR0cHM6Ly9hdS5uZXdzLnlhaG9vLmNvbS9hbXBodG1sL2F1c3NpZS1tYW4tYmFmZmxlZC1hcy1naWFudC1jaXJjbGUtYXBwZWFycy1mcm9udC1sYXduLW92ZXJuaWdodC0wNTU4MzU0NDguaHRtbA?oc=5

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