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Will California Be the First US State to Ban Gasoline-Powered Lawn Mowers?

As early as 2021, California could become the first US state to ban the purchase of gasoline-powered lawn mowers and other landscaping tools. Supporters of the ban believe it to be necessary in order to reduce the environmental impact of the state’s high emission and noise levels caused by these tools.

In fact, emission levels from small off-road engines in California have been said to produce more pollution than all the cars in the state combined. This is why, despite the controversial opinions of some Republicans and gas companies who think a ban would restrict consumer choice, many environmentalists are in support of the move.

Should this ban take effect, it could fundamentally alter the American suburban landscape. Since the end of the Second World War, Americans have strived to keep up the maintenance of their yards. However, switching to battery powered mowers and other landscaping tools has been known to be a costly decision that many Americans are not yet ready for.

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“Will California Be Forced to Say Goodbye to Gasoline Mowers?”


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