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Maintenance Tips for a Healthy and Lush Lawn During Winter

For many garden enthusiasts, winter is a time of dormancy that can lead to the misconception that maintaining a green and lush lawn isn’t achievable during the cold and wet months. But every garden is a living ecosystem, housing numerous organisms and animals throughout the seasons. With that in mind, winter garden care is just as important as it is during the warmer parts of the year.

Harness the Power of Trimming

Agronomist Fabio Banin from Europe’s leading manufacturer and distributor of garden equipment, STIGA, recommends trimming the lawn to its usual height before the winter begins. Taking advantage of STIGA’s patented AGS technology, the A1500 Autonomous Robot Mower can detect the size and shape of the garden for efficient and even cutting sessions.

Say “No” to Thaw Salt

A danger to any garden is thaw salt, which can penetrate the soil and cause problems in vegetation growth for years. To avoid this issue, keep the driveways free from salt during winter.

Say Goodbye to Water and Fertiliser

Due to dormancy, lawns lose the ability to absorb water or nutrients during the winter months. This means it’s advised to cease watering and fertilising the garden to keep it at optimum health.

Keep up with Leaf Removal

A common misconception is that leaves left lying on the ground create the ideal environment for growth, but in actuality a thick layer of leaves creates a damp and mould-infested environment, resulting in pest infestations. To solve this issue, use a blower such as STIGA’s BL 100E or SAB 700 AE and opt for their silent and lightweight operation, perfect for garden maintenance.

Winning the Winter War: How to Conquer a Healthy and Lush Lawn in Cold Conditions

Despite what many may think, there doesn’t need to be a war between garden care and winter, with the right maintenance tips for a healthy and lush lawn during the cold months. With the advice from Fabio Banin and the power of STIGA’s garden equipment, you can create the perfect lawn all year round.


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