Lawn Mowing How to Prepare Your Lawn for the Cold Winter Months According to an Expert from Express Lawn Mowing

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Don’t Make This Common Mistake When Cutting the Grass in Winter!

Winter marks a period of reduced activity with regards to the maintenance of our lawns. Despite this, it is still possible to keep your lawn in good condition with occasional trimming. Black + Decker’s Product and Training Manager, Nick Ee, urges gardeners to be wary of one particular mistake when it comes to mowing the grass in winter. He highlights that cutting the grass too short can cause damage to both the grass and soil, and it is not advisable.

Why Is Comfortably Short the Best Length?

Nick Ee explains to that frequent mowing is not necessary in winter, but in mild conditions, you might need to cut the grass occasionally. This should be done on a high setting, as shorter grass can lead to it becoming deficient in essential nutrients and more susceptible to diseases. The Royal Horticultural Society recommends that grass measures up to 4 centimeters in autumn and spring, and 2.5 centimeters in the summer. Never take off more than a third of the blades.

When Is It Not Safe to Mow?

Nick warns against cutting the grass when it is wet, soft or frozen, since this increases the occurrence of weeds and fungal diseases. It also may result in clogging and poor engine performance due to the wet grass that accumulates around the mower’s parts. Instead, wait until spring when the grass is a little drier.


Good lawn maintenance is possible even in winter months, but it important to understand the best practices for cutting the grass. It is advisable to keep the grass at a comfortable length, but never cut more than a third of the blade. Avoid mowing when the grass is wet, soft or frozen for best results.


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