Rotorua Daily Post: Lawn Mower Accident Results in Serious Injury

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Clickbait Title: Person Seriously Injured After Being Trapped Under Lawn Mower Near Rotorua

Horrific Accident: Person Severely Injured After Being Trapped Under Ride-On Mower Near Rotorua

Fire and Emergency New Zealand recently responded to a serious accident near Rotorua involving a person being trapped under a ride-on lawn mower. Upon being summoned around 10.20am, three fire engines arrived at the Ōkere Falls area in order to rescue the individual. Unfortunately, the person was taken to Rotorua Hospital in a serious condition by St John.

Shockingly, two of the fire engines had to be diverted from an earlier crash involving a mobility scooter on Amohau St at the same time.

It is indeed sad news to hear of a person being seriously injured due to such an accident. We can only hope for a speedy recovery for the individual.


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