Trapped beneath Ride-On Mower: Injury at Okere Falls Sparks NZ Herald Investigation

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Firefighters Rush to Okere Falls after Person is Reportedly Trapped Under Lawn Mower

Firefighters were responding to a dramatic incident in the Okere Falls area, on the outskirts of Rotorua, after reports that a person had become trapped under a ride-on lawn mower. After being alerted at 10.20am, three fire engines were called to the scene. At the same time, two fire engines diverted from an incident involving a mobility scooter on Amohau St.

Rescue Operations

Firefighters and other emergency service personnel made their way to Okere Falls and started rescue operations, working quickly and efficiently to take control of the situation. All members of the team were trained and professional, ensuring the safety of both the entrapped individual and bystanders.

Person’s Condition Unknown

At the time of writing, the condition of the person trapped under the lawn mower was not known. However, all responders to the incident had worked hard to free the individual and to maintain their safety. Updates are expected to be available soon.

Emergency Services Funding

The incident at Okere Falls is a reminder of the importance of keeping emergency services properly funded. Firefighters, paramedics and other emergency responders are often called into action on short notice and in difficult and changing conditions. The hard work and dedication they show to protecting the citizens of New Zealand should not be taken for granted.


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