Police Investigate Driver Responsible for Desecration of Summit County School Lawn

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Vandalism of Springfield Local Schools: Driver of Pick-Up Truck Leaves Damaging Red Streak

Residents of Summit County, Ohio woke up last weekend to the shocking news that Springfield Local Schools property was vandalized, with police ruling that a pick-up truck was behind the damage.

Officer Damiano Tassone of the Springfield Township Police has released details of the incident, which occurred on Saturday November 18th at 12.20am. According to the Officer, the vehicle of the perpetrator was a pick-up truck with distinct red stripes across the hood, thought to have a partial plate of JX 3417.

What Can You Do to Help?

Help bring the perpetrator to justice by calling Officer Tassone at 330-733-1061 with any information.

Don’t Let Vandalism Destroy Your Community

Community members of Summit County must unite and take preventative measures to ensure such shocking acts of vandalism do not occur in the future. Through communication and working with police officers we can work together to bring an end to this kind of damaging attack.

“Help Catch the Vandal that Attacked Springfield Local Schools: Have You Seen the Bright Red Pick-Up Truck?”

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